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How to be a Physic Spy

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In the 1960s, in response to a leaked KGB video, the CIA spent millions of dollars (the equiv of $75m in modern money) on research into psychic abilities and in particular the principle of remote viewing – the ability to see and describe an object that is hidden from view.

For the show’s main Event, Derren will perform a unique, national psychic experiment with viewers able to take part via the phone or on In it, he’ll get them to attempt match a covered drawing hung in the Science Museum. At the end of The Event, it will be revealed if the drawing matches the images the nation have drawn, Friday 25th September at 9pm.

Take part in Derren’s national remote viewing psychic experiment. Simply concentrate on the photos of the covered picture in the Science museum and use the pen and notepad to draw what comes into your mind. Save and submit your picture and then check back after Friday’s show to see if you can remote view! Take part in the experiment here.

How does reiki work? Some interesting answers from yahoo answers

Some interesting answers I found on yahoo answers

How does reiki work ?

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Reiki is a practice involving Universal Life Force or Cosmic Energy. The Universal Life Force is a gift from the Universe to all beings. It is given at the moment of conception and stays with you for the rest of your life. You can tap into it at any time.

A Reiki Practitioner does not give energy to the client but rather facilitates the synchronisation of energy between the client and the Universe. A reiki practitioner caanot suck energy from another person. The worst that can happen to the client from Reiki is to have a rest while being practiced on.

During and After a Reiki treatment the recipient experiences the following:

A deep sense of relaxation. (Alpha state brain waves).
A feel of being connected to the world. (Synchronisation between the alpha state brain waves and the earth’s magnetic field.)
Lowered blood pressure.
Increased oxygen content in the blood.

This state of being stimulates the body’s own healing ability to work towards resolution of the health problem.

Splash Log
It doesn't. Heck, Ill wave my hands over your body as long as you pay me...

Biker for life
Supposedly by relieving stress. I know a lot of people that practice it and they claim it works.

It works like a placebo effect. It has no inherent power. It is psuedo-nonsense. It works only because the human mind once convinced of something can have a limited effect on the body. If you convince yourself enough it is working then it may have a slight effect. Personally I think it's rubbish.

Midwinter Spring… Here is some information.

To the above answer, I wouldn't be quick to judge and assume something can't work. The power of positive thought has been well documented (just look at the healing powers of placebos). I think there's more to the human brain than we can know. Also, two of my best friends are reiki healers, and they are serious in their desire to help people.

No matter what the man called it, stealing energy is entirely different than reiki (how it's intended, I mean). It is also possible, I believe.

Shiva the destroyer
I'll give you a free distance reiki session if you like. just click on my picture and contact me if you would like a free session and we can talk about it, i wont have computer access for the next few days though... but i promise if you get in touch with me, i will give you a free session, i am attuned qualified and practiced.

lol and despite what the guy above said - i promise not to steal your energy off you, i already have all the energy i need lol

Reiki is based on principles of Hipnotism

here some article How To Learn Reiki…

Mick St. James
The story of Reiki, have been shrouded by myth and fable for decades. Much research has been undertaken to discern the true roots of the beautiful Reiki tradition. Reiki is an ever evolving, flexible and creative form of growth, relaxation and development. Practicing Reiki helps create harmony in the body, giving a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

The Reiki system is not the only factor that determines how the body is attuned to the Reiki energy. The person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the energy as it flows through them.

What Is Reiki…

Conversation about Reiki on a site

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Active User: Feeling Good
Does reiki work?
I was wondering if anyone had tried reiki. I know people who have had it done for pets, which I can understand since we can't ask what's bothering them. It would be nice to think we could find out this way, but is it just charming, wishful thinking.

Experienced User: Healthy
Personally I've never tried it, but I'd be willing to do so. I've not seen any scientific reports as to it's effectiveness, but I think it must have relaxation benefits which will help the body to heal itself.

I would never suggest relying on reiki or any other alternative medicine at the expense of conventional medicine though.

Active User: Feeling Good
First of all can you tell me what exactly reiki is? And what part of the bodies is it worked on?

Experienced User: Healthy
I've heard coworkers discussing it. I think it involves focusing energy on specific parts of the body to heal or reduce stress.

Experienced User: Healthy
Yes, I think it's all to do with directing energy flow. But I know very little about it really.

I watched someone have an impromptu session when I was out yesterday. Someone came over faint & when they felt well enough someone else gave him a reiki session to 'rebalance' him. It just seemed to involve holding onto his shoulders & looking very serious, though I'm sure there's more to it that I could see!!

Experienced User: Healthy
The informal session that I saw involved a person holding their hands over someone's shoulder for example, and seeming to focus energy on that part of the body.
I think some people claimed they felt heat on their bodies during the session.

New User: cough cough
It is an ancient system of energy flow. I am not entirely familiar with it I read a few articles on it. In a way, it is similar to chi ung power

Active User: Feeling Good
I have heard that it is useful in diagnosis and in providing comfort, but there seems to be less evdience for its ability to heal.

New User: cough cough
Penn and Teller covered it in a few segments they have done on the new age and alternative therapies....Their show is called "Bullsh*t" that gives you some idea of how it turned out.

Active User: Feeling Good
I dont know about rieki but there is scientific evidence that patients who can maintain a positive state of mind heal fster and also advance faster in rehabilitation. Ex: A person who suffers a leg injury who has a positive state of mind will advance faster in rehabilitaion that one with a negative state of mind so perhaps reiki helps to put one in this state.

New User: cough cough
Hi everyone,

It is so good to hear everyone comments and where they are coming from.
I agree if you are using conventional medicine you need to continue using it, neither does reiki replace conventional medicine. It is complementary to it.

Reiki is using the universal energy or ki or chi in chinese medicine. This energy is all around us, what a reiki practitioner does is bring through the reiki energy and allow it to be used on the client, by placing their hands on or above the client.

This activates the clients own chi or ki energy , helping the body to heal and assisting in removing energy blockages

Reiki is great with children, animals plants,adults I use it on myself and my cats daily.

New User: cough cough
I just posted about this in "chi" under Chinese Med. forum.
I had a truly amazing experience. Without the practitioner touching me, I had a sense of turbulence around my head & where the "third eye" is located an intense sensation of sensitivity that seemed to encompass both pleasure & pain.

I'm a highly skeptical person & didn't expect squat. And I don't think there was any hypnotic suggestion, unless the person hypnotized me into forgetting that they made such a suggestion!

The practitioner explained after that the turbulent sensation showed that my polarities were unbalanced, and the forehead sensation was my "third eye" chakra trying to open ( and I had a milder sense of this third eye opening at odd times for a week or two).

It's made me open to the idea that chi/ki/prana/life force is for real if not scientifically proven (yet!)

New User: cough cough
I have been a Reiki teacher/practitioner for the past 11 years. I have seen people come out of comas (in IC units in hospitals), I've seen healings of bone fractures sped up by e weeks-through a body cast, I've seen cancer go into remission, Reiki is great for the healing of emotions and hurtful memories especially with people who have experienced physical or sexual abuse, and I could go on. Reiki is energy healing and spiritual development of one's personal gifts. It works because the energy of the divine is in union with a person's personal energy to affect healing and development.

Fortunately there are clinical studies occurring all over the world in hospitals and health centers with Reiki in different areas of health care - do a google search of Reiki and clinical studies and you will be amazed at what comes up. There is a whole school in Japan which, from its inception, has devoted itself to documenting all cases of people who have received treatment from the school's students, in order to make itself credible to the medical community.

Reiki works because it asserts what ancient civilizations knew all along, we are more than our physical bodies.

New User: cough cough

Hi! I've been an avid Reiki enthusiast, practitioner, and teacher for more than 17 years! I'm a mother and grandmother. I've raised my children and grandchildren using Reiki first whenever issues or problems arise. REIKI WORKS! My only suggestion here would be, if you don't know whether or not Reiki works, GIVE IT A TRY! There are many, many practitioners who eagerly give free introductory treatments, as well as many who give attunements for free just so they have a live person to practice on! There are many blogs on the web: Mine is at chicreation.wordpress.comPlease copy and paste into your browser if interested, as there is no option to add a link here. If mine doesn't suit your tastes, please browse the internet until you find a Reiki blogger you enjoy! Don't take anyone's word for this! Find out for yourself.  Molly

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Reiki is a technique to eliminate stress and disease from its roots using life force energy. You can read more about its facts from a reliable source at:

Reiki Master/Teacher
Multihealing center

New User: cough cough
Hey, I have been practicing Reiki for the last 10 years or so and I do believes in its powers. I have experienced spiritual healing on the physical body first hand. Till date, I believe in Reiki and I find it useful to beat the daily stress that all of us suffer today.

Reiki and Matter Over Mind


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Reiki and Matter Over Mind
Does Reiki work because of the phenomena of mind over matter- as has long been hypothesized by layman and professional alike. Or is it matter over mind so that Reiki and other similar alternative medical practices work because we are truly learning to harness the very smallest particles of matter in a quantum physics kind of way.

Matter at its basic level is now being seen as energy and vibration- and not tied to the seeming laws of our physical universe- such as Newton's Laws. With this in mind, I am fascinated by the question of why Reiki and other alternative medicines actually work.

Please add your expertise in the comments section to help us explore this question.

How does Reiki work as a healing technique?

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How does Reiki work as a healing technique?

There were 7 answers, see…
Answer no. 1
Reiki is a method of natural healing which involves the healer placing their hands in a sequence of positions to cover the whole body of the person being healed.

I am a strong believer in the law of attraction and I want to know how Reiki works if everything is about how we feel and not about taking actions to cure ourselves or somebody else.

Answer no. 2
I am a Reiki Master Teacher I know many systems of energy healing many of them are types of Reiki. Reiki is a way of opening one self to the universe, God, Holy Spirit, Christ which ever you chose if you are a different religion you may chose others.

What we do is tune into this Universal Life Force Energy it is all around us and we are made of this energy as well, we are bringing in balance to the person. Restoring their energy field to normal, in this restoring comes health and healing. I have seen people healed amazingly from what doctors said nothing could be done.

We become like a extension cord plugged into the divine the universal life force, this flows through us to the client, energy is pulled like a vacuum pulls water through a pump. Is goes to where it is needed mostly because that is the spot that is pulling the most to heal. When we eat and have a full stomach the body pulls most of it's energy to that spot to digest that food. This is the same for a wound or sickness it is pulling energy to this spot, we being the cord plugged into the infinitely powerful always abundant source let this connection be made so that through us the divine is pulled into the client to be healed.

That has worked very well even and sometimes more so when someone doesn't believe it, I think the reason for this is the non believer doesn't care and thus gets out of the way of the practitioner's intent to be a through way for this divine healing taking place. Where as sometimes the believer is excited and gets into the way of just being and accepting in other words apathetic about the whole process is really just being in that moment.

Reiki healing works on the physical level body touch, emotional level slightly above the body in the auric field, higher above the body mental level and high above the body the spiritual level, so to work on the soul is high above the body to work on the mind is lower to work on the emotions is still lower and to work on the physical is physical contact hands on, except where not appropriate of course those areas are hover over (not touch) areas regardless.

Energy follows thought so in this way we are affecting the flow by the intent however it is being pulled we are not pushing it regardless how much we visualize the flow going faster and faster if it is not best it will not flow faster than is needed nor will it do any harm to anyone. The intent of Reiki is healing energy it will go where it is needed mostly, so if I am working on someone's arm and it is not healing then I find out that person has "also" been having heart problems guess what was pulling the most the arm or the heart?

Reiki is natural and we do it automatically when we bump our selves and hold the bumped spot until it feels better we just subconsciously gave that spot energy to heal. Reiki works with all religions and no religion as well you may aggrandize Reiki as you like to fit you and your beliefs, this makes it very versatile as a way of healing. For example if Christian you may call on Christ to come through you and guide you with this healing.

Answer no. 3
I don't know much about Reiki as such but the laying on of hands as a way of curing has been practiced for thousands of years, and it is even mentioned in the Bible as Jesus cured that way. Reiki doesn't involve touch, the hands are held above the body, and it is about the benign transferring energy from one to another, with the mutual belief that it works. Having said that I also think I have heard of people being healed without much belief, and the belief comes from the practitioner, that their energy can change and heal whatever is they are working on.

Makes it even stranger that the Catholic Church recently banned it!
The two page article, above, and the comments, all accessible within that page, are worth reading. I love this comment: Quote "As a catholic, I find it very interesting that the Bishops determined God only heals through Doctors and Nurses. Is this written somewhere? Just because this is their interpretation doesn't make it so. "
and see also

Answer No. 4
Wade's answer is very good; I can only add a little bit of information and background to it.

Reiki comes to us from Japan. It is based on the idea that we have spiritual energy centers called chakras. I outlined what the chakras are in the question already posted about the solar plexus. (Please refer to that question if you want to learn more.) These energy centers are the exact same centers and points that acupuncturists use when treating their patients. Our bodies flow with electrochemical energy- this is how the brain communicates with the body.

Reiki Healers work in this field of electrochemical energy, which surrounds us and makes what we call an "aura". The aura extends out from the body about two feet, depending on the person. I am also a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, and have worked on many people, and have seen how re-aligning the energy in the aura and chakras can directly affect the flow of electrochemical messages the body perceives and receives. It takes a lot of hard work and training to learn Reiki, but it is worth it.

Reiki is very popular in Hawaii, where Reiki Healers work in hospitals along with doctors and nurses to aid healing. It is not hocus-pocus, nor does it harm the person being treated. The energy we healers send out through our hands flows from the Universe to us very naturally.

Finally, I do not understand why the Catholic Church would ban such a helpful healing method used around the world. I guess the belief is that we healers are violating some rule that states that only doctors and prayer can heal people. It is important to say that we only set out to realign the energy and re-balance the Chakras. I do not touch my clients; my hands hover just above the body, in the aura. I cannot "make" the energy do harmful things, nor can I directly order what it does. I may set out to help one area, and the energy goes to another in and of itself, where it is needed.

Please research this subject if you are interested in it, or have questions about it. Try not to judge it until you know all the facts.
Blessings, Jai

Answer No. 5
Hello, belief is not always the main part in the Reiki treatment, at least not the conscious part of it, otherwise it could never work with animals and children and that is an area where I have had some very amazing results.

Answer No. 6
I cannot believe that hospitals would allow such 'treatments' to be performed. In only a very short time, a person can become a Reiki Master. Believing in healing energy is nothing but hocus-pocus. If it were true, we wouldn't need Drs or surgeries. They are spewing conflicting information. They say they don't claim to heal, yet they say it's 'healing energy'. So, which is it? If a person WANTS to believe in this strong enough, it will happen..but only in their minds because they've come to convince themselves. There is no scientific proof that Reiki indeed works. If you can't put your hands on or over someone who is miles away, how can you perform Reiki on them, yet it is claimed it can be done. What rubbish!!!!! This is bordering in the brink of witchcraft. By the way, a lot of people in these groups gather very frequently..not just for the purpose of performing Reiki. They have meetups, movie nights, even a 'church service' which is a bit of a different religion. Isn't it coincidental they're always together??? Again, rubbish! Just deposit your money in the wastebasket. Enough said.

Answer No. 7
During a reiki treatment the brain wave patterns of both giver and receiver become synchronized in the 7-8Hz alpha state characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation, they pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic field, the infinite energy source also known as the schumann resonance.

The pulsating biomagnetic field emitted from the hands focuses mainly in this alpha state and sweeps regularly from 0.3-30Hz. This range of frequency stimulates healing in the body with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues. For example 2Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7Hz bone growth, 10Hz ligament mending.

Brain waves travel throughout the body and gather cumulative strength as they flow to the periphery especially to the hands. During these moments the biomagnetic field of the practioners' hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal. The effects are mirrored by the giver and receiver and both benefit from the treatment.

There are of course many other effects including emotional, hormonal ... much more difficult to measure scientifically. All this supports the subjective experience of "oneness" and "expanded consciousness" related by those who regularly practice reiki.

An Example of a Possible Result of Reiki Sessions

"Annie" comes for a Reiki session. In the pre-session conversation she tells me she is unhappy because she is alone and hasn't had a relationship in a long time. During the course of any number of sessions, she begins to "release" and remembers a time when, at a very young age, her parents did something that made her feel unwanted. This could have been the reality of the situation or just her perception of it. Exactly what happened, for the purpose of our example, is irrelevant. What is relevant is that this one incident could be the initial cause of her situation today. If she is able to release the energy associated with this event, then she will have released the initial cause for what is happening in her life now. Now, if Reiki was only to target this one area, one of two things might happen. One possible result is by releasing this event she is able to see on her own how it has affected her over the course of her life and make the appropriate changes in her life and her attitude on her own. The more likely result would be that this person would keep functioning the same as she has been even though the initial cause of her present situation has been released. This is because we, as humans, are creatures of habit. What has worked for us in the past, we tend to keep doing, be that the way in which we brush our teeth or our patterns of behavior or thought. Due to the age at which Annie suffered this initial event, it will have become a part of who she is and spurred numerous other instances similar in nature to this one, due, in a large part, to her actions and beliefs. This initial injury to her may have caused her to believe that she was not worthy of anyone's affections or love. Most of us know that the way in which we perceive ourselves is generally the way the world perceives us as well. Due to this perception of Annie's she has probably brought on many more instances similar in nature to the initial one, either from family, friends, or in relationships all of which perpetuate the feelings of unworthiness and a general lack of self-confidence and self-esteem even further. Reiki, however, not only works to release this initial cause, but works to release the emotions and belief systems that perpetuate further instances, while working to release the energy stored in the perpetuated events. This may require any number of sessions, as each person is unique. What is common among everyone is that as more and more of these events are released there begins to be a snowball effect. The person begins to see that the beliefs are unfounded and begins to take control of her life, releasing the remaining emotions and beliefs even when not in session. As a result of releasing all these beliefs and emotions Annie is able, for the first time, to truly feel her self-worth, love herself, and allow others to love her.

This is an example of what could possibly happen over the course of a number of Reiki sessions. I purposely chose this type of situation to show you that a person does not have to be physically ill to benefit from Reiki. We all have things that have happened to us throughout the course of our lives that affect us whether we realize it or not. Many of them have happened to us at such a young age that we don't even consciously remember them. I also want to stress that the above example showed an optimum result. Sometimes we achieve this and sometimes we do not, and there may be any number of reasons we do not. If the client is not ready or willing to let go of the energies then nothing I nor any other practitioner can do will help. We all ultimately have total control over what happens to us, and whether or not we allow ourselves to heal. Another reason that a person might recover from a particular dis-ease is that, for one reason or another, the person needs it in their life. This may sound odd to some people, but bear with me. To fully appreciate this you must first realize that we all have a destiny, or in other words we were put here on this planet, at this time, for a reason, and along the way certain things happen to push us in the right direction. Sometimes, an illness or dis-ease is part of that path. It's possible that the illness is supposed to teach us something, or maybe we are supposed to meet someone as a result of the dis-ease, or it could be keeping us from doing something that would be detrimental for us to do. There could be any number of reasons. Remembering that Reiki always works toward the highest good of the client, in one of the previous situations, it would be in the best interests of the client to keep the dis-ease, at least for the time being.

Where and How Illness Originates

If it is out of the biofield from which we, and indeed all life is formed, then it only makes sense that it is here where illness and dis-ease also originate.

Throughout history there have been those gifted with the ability to see the fields of energy around people. Of these people there have been many documented cases of those who could see these fields so clearly that they could not only see what is going on in a person's life at that moment and what has happened in the past, but they have even been able to see an illness or dis-ease before it manifests into the physical body. This should at least begin to show us that it is on an energetic level where dis-ease and matter originate, for if things began with the physical and only radiated out it would be impossible to see the dis-ease before it began, it could only be seen after, or as it was leaving the body.

This is not to say that what happens on the physical level has no part in the process, for that could not be farther from the truth. Just as what happens on the energetic level will eventually affect the physical, what happens on the physical will have a profound impact on the energetic levels and can assist in the manifestation of illness or dis-ease. It is the interaction of both, what we call the "physical" aspects of ourselves and the energetic aspect that can decide when and if an illness or dis-ease will manifest. The next logical question now that we know from where dis-ease originates would be "How?". The number of different causes and the mechanics behind them are too numerous to list here, and I will not even pretend to know or understand them all. If you are interested in delving into this area more deeply, you can see my section on Book recommendations, I will however give you, what I believe to be some of the more common causes of dis-ease(It is important to note that when I use the words "illness" or "dis-ease" I mean any imbalance from stress, fatigue, aches and pains, mental or emotional imbalances, as well as the more serious forms such as cancer, heart-disease, infection etc.)

One of the causes for many illnesses, I believe, is the constant repression of thoughts and emotions. We have already established that both thoughts and emotions are energy, and as an energy they cannot be destroyed and do not decay. Which means to free ourselves and our energy system of these energies we must express them or "release" them. Unfortunately, we are all taught from a very young age not to display our feelings, to hold them inside and "be strong". "Don't wear your heart on your sleeve" is all to common a saying. After days, months, years, even decades of repressing more and more energies, we slowly block the flow of life force energy through our system. Once this happens we have opened the doorway for illness. I believe men are probably worse about this than women, because for a man to show fear, hurt, sadness, tenderness, etc. was and is often considered a weakness. Consequently I often hear the vast majority of men described as "emotionless".(Is it any wonder that men, in general, have a shorter life expectancy than women?)Women on the other hand are usually allowed by society to be more emotionally expressive.

While this is, in my opinion, one of the most widespread problems in our society, it is by no means the only one. Other causes range from traumas that we may have endured throughout the course of our lives, decisions we make, as well as our personal thoughts and beliefs. All of these things can over time affect us negatively and pave the way for illness and dis-ease. Even our environment can affect us. With all the electronic devices in the world today generating man-made EMF's that are highly detrimental to our energy system, along with the micro waves, x-rays, radio-waves etc., flowing through our energy bodies 24 hours a day we are constantly bombarded with things that can and will damage our energy systems.

Reiki's Role in All This
So, how does Reiki, or any form of energy work fit into this? Well, Reiki works on the energetic level, meaning it works, not only on the physical level, as do most techniques in use today, but on all the energetic levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is on one of these levels that the cause of the physical symptom exists and Reiki is able to work directly on that level. However, you can't work only on the causal level, as all of the levels of our energy system are interlinked, or, are a part of one another. So, what happens to one level of our being affects the whole. Therefore, it must be treated as a whole. Anything that treats only one aspect of ourselves will never be truly successful. You may be able to make temporary achievements or advancements but there will never be a true healing until all the levels are brought back into harmony. This is what Reiki does. It works on all the aspects of ourselves: the causal level, wherever that may lie, the physical symptom(s) if any, and all the affected areas. It is this aspect of Reiki that gives it its effectiveness. In treating the body as a whole, you are not only able to "heal" or release the initial cause, but also the thought patterns that may have been created by the incident and have aided in perpetuating further instances, the emotion or emotions associated with the cause that have been empowering the thought patterns, and the physical symptom that we are able to perceive.

How Reiki Works

To understand how Reiki, or any other form of energetic healing for that matter, works, you must first understand that we live in a universe that is made up entirely of energy. Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers in the history of our planet even put this principal into one of the most widely known mathematical equations; E=mc2(Energy=mass times the speed of light squared) Everything in this universe is energy. Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, even our physical bodies and all physical matter is just a dense form of energy.

Now that we understand that we are beings of energy, we must realize that there is much more to us than just our physical bodies. Most of us have heard of the "aura", also known as the EMF(Electro Magnetic Field) or Biofield, the energy field which surrounds the body and all matter. Most people, however, assume that the field radiates out from and is created by the body or object the field is surrounding, when in fact the opposite is true. It is the energy field that gives rise to the physical object, be it a chair or a person. It is the field which creates us and is this field that stores the bulk of who we are. Our thoughts, emotions, our past, the very essence of who we are resides in this field, or more accurately in these fields, for there is more than one. Just as the physical body has different layers that perform different functions so has the Biofield.

We must also understand that the field not only creates us but it is this field that sustains us through our existence. It is through this field that we get the majority of the life force energy that we need to survive and stay healthy. Most people believe that we get the energy we need to survive from what we eat, drink, and breathe. Actually these provide us with only a fraction of the energy we need to survive. In fact in today's world it would be more correct to say we survive in spite of what we eat, drink, and breathe!(Ha Ha!) The vast majority is attained from the sea of energy in which we live and filtered down through the various layers of the energy system before finally reaching the physical body. People can, and have, survived for weeks without eating, days without water, and minutes without air, but if we are cut off from the flow of life force energy into us, even for a second, we cease to exist.

'How Does Reiki Work and Why Does It Work?'

Courtesy to an article on this site is
'How Does Reiki Work and Why Does It Work?'

This Article says:
It seems to me that Reiki is just another one of those crazy new-age concepts that a lot of foolish people spend their hard-earned money on. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t see how it could every work.

I’m sure if you’ve been around medicine you’ve heard statements like this. You may even have thought them. And in my younger days, I would have thought them too. Except for one small problem. Reiki does work for both healing as well as spiritual growth, and millions of people across the globe could testify to this.

So then the question becomes- as we sit atop our high horse in this, the age of reason- how does Reiki work? Or more to the point, why does it work. By all accounts it shouldn’t work. It doesn’t use any drugs. You don’t have to cut into anything or anyone. ‘Normal’ doctors don’t use it. I can’t see it with my eyes or hear it with my ears. So, sorry lady. I don’t believe it. It just doesn’t work.

And this is a good argument except for that little nagging point… Reiki does work.

Let’s look at Reiki a bit here to see if we can figure this out. In a Reiki session you lay your hands on someone and use your life energy to help someone else’s life energy to flow. Now that’s just downright crazy. Anyone would say it, right. Now Reiki originated in Japan a long time ago. This is all the more reason to be skeptical. I mean no-one knew anything about medicine back then. So how could there be any validity to this stuff at all?

Ok all of you scientists, let’s talk turkey. It now appears that science itself is coming up with an answer to the question ‘How does Reiki work?’ These scientists from the pioneer field of high-energy physics are throwing about terms like “subatomic matter’, ‘unpolarized’ and ‘vortex theory.’ As we hear all of this we get a strong feeling that there may be some kind of energy flowing in the human body. And that in fact this energy may be the very basis of life. But it is way too small for our meager instruments to detect. As we ponder this we have to question, so now who is living in the middle ages of medicine?

Now this energy can’t be seen, but it can certainly be felt. If you are being practiced on, for instance, you will often feel a spreading warmth, or even cold sensation in the area that is being worked on. On the other hand, if you are the practitioner, you will often feel a pins and needles kind of tingling warm sensation.

Now let’s take a better look at who has been using this Reiki stuff. If we really put our minds to it, we may be surprised at what we find out. For instance, do you remember the old biblical ‘laying on of hands?’ I hate to say it, but that does sound an awful lot like Reiki. So maybe, when we look back to our past as a race, we can see that people in the days of old were not as dopey as we once thought. They had some kind of intrinsic knowledge, for instance, that if something works- don’t question, don’t ask why or how- just use it. I wonder sometimes if we can’t use a slice of their common-sense, old fashioned though it is to the Age of Reason advocates.

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After Practicing Reiki I am thinking quite clearly these days.

I don't think you can buy spiritual healing or a miracle over eBay (as Rieki is now often sold), and I'm shocked that people think that it is ethical to sell it this way. I'm even more shocked that people buy it.

Please, do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that Reiki is not real. I am not saying that nothing happens. My hands used to burn with energy. My clients loved the relaxation and felt balanced and energized after a treatment. What I am saying is this: Reiki is wonderful for relaxation. It is warm and comforting, but it uses, quite simply, ends there.

My students, for the most part, still practice and love Reiki. They consider it a gift and use it very carefully.

I no longer bother with it. After 10 years and a substantial financial investment in obtaining the best training available in New York City, I walked away. I have never looked back. My only regret is that I was not able to help those in need who came to me.

My final thought:
If you have a limited amount of money and are desperately seeking a solution to a medical problem, there are plenty of alternative medicine paths to take. The most effect and time tested method of balancing the energy in the body is with out a doubt acupuncture, and I promise it doesn't hurt at all!

If you are simply looking to relax and unwind, or deepen your mediation or yoga practice, Reiki will likely be a good fit for you.

The Dark Side of Reiki

I believe that if Reiki was truly the miracle energy medicine that it's believers claim it to be, it would be mainstream. I know that if every one that I initially healed stayed healed I would have people banging down my door, begging for my help. I would be using it and teaching it still, if I had seen one - just one person - experience long term healing.

There is not a conspiracy of any kind trying to keep Reiki down and out of the hands of millions. It is simply notwhat it claims to be. Even the history of Reiki varies from teacher to teacher, depending on the "openness" of their class. How can true compassion and healing come from deception and greed? The idea that someone cannot be healed unless they have paid a certain amount is absurd and medieval! And that is the general rule when giving and teaching Reiki.

Certainly, it doesn't help that the New Age Movement has taken a traditional Japanese healing modality and remade it - there is now Non-Traditional Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Ascended Masters Reiki, Radiance Technique and probably another dozen that I am not aware of, like Pleiadian Reiki or Ancient Egyptian Cat Reiki, which will only damage the any of the remaining credibility that Reiki still maintains.  Airy-fairy people walking around talking about channeling the masters or archangels isn't going to fly.

And it isn't because the rest of us are so un-evolved, close minded, slaves to our negative thinking or in need of an awakening.

Does Reiki really work or not?

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If you are questioning whether or not Reiki really works, you are probably considering going for a treatment or taking a class to learn how to treat yourself with Reiki. The answer to your question is not a simple yes or no.

The answer, in my opinion, is sometimes yes, temporarily, if you are seeking deeper relaxation or reduction of stress on your body. If you are looking for a magical solution to a major health crisis, Reiki is not your answer. I believe that the consistent use of Reiki may help you to manage stress levels and increase relaxation. I do not believe, nor have I seen in more than 10 years of teaching and practice, the healing of cancer or any major health crisis, including my own. I do not know personally any other Reiki Master who would dare claim that.

I am qualified to answer this. I became a seventh generation Traditional Reiki Master and Teacher more than 13 years ago. I have taught a wide variety of students in NY, NJ and CT  and was considered a gifted healer by my colleagues.

Time after time, my experience was the same when performing "healing sessions" for clients with chronic health issues. They would receive substantial relief from their pain. Then the  pain or the problem would inevitably come back.

A Temporary Fix?
Now after reading that, most Reiki Masters or practitioners would say that I was the problem, perhaps my error here? No, according to ALL sources, Reiki is an "intelligent energy" that knows where to go and what to do. Which is why Reiki healers can do no harm (according to the teachings). Since I was also a teacher, I have seen the struggle first hand with my students. They experience the exact same thing. And when they were presented with a personal health crisis(as several were), Reiki could do little to ease their condition.