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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Reiki and Breast Cancer

I found a really nice article on website. This website is really good for all reiki practitioners.
I am sharing here that article and want to tell you that if you wanna read more articles. you should go to that website. with thanks and courtesy:

by Raven Keyes
In an editorial entitled “Alternative Therapy for Breast Cancer: Outcomes, Obstacles and Opportunities” published in the April 2011 issue ofAnnals of Surgical Oncology, author Sheldon Marc Feldman, MD, FACS, and Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology at New York’s Columbia University Medical Center discusses research that supports his rationale for inviting Reiki practitioners to assist with his breast cancer patients. His article presents a scientifically supported view as to why patients require more than just traditional Western medicine in order to face cancer. He states unequivocally that patients who are resistant to receiving the proven life-saving treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are much more likely to accept these traditional treatments when they are being offered in partnership with alternative healing methods, thereby increasing their chances for survival from their disease. I quote Dr. Feldman here:

At Columbia, we have initiated a study that incorporates the role of Reiki practitioners in applying mind–body principles and energy healing to help to prepare patients for breast cancer surgery and emotionally accept the loss of their breast(s). We must continue to strive to provide care that is patient-centered and reduces the stress and trauma of disease.

What Dr. Feldman has presented on the pages in this medical journal is, in fact, an expression of the reality he lives by. For those of us in the field of alternative medicine who know him, he is a man of power, vision, and brilliance who has the ability to inspire everyone he meets.

For several months now, Dr. Feldman has invited me to join him in his quest to serve the needs of his patients. When they ask him, “How can I get ready for this, doctor?” he tells them that they should consider Reiki before, during, and after their procedures, because there is less bleeding, blood pressure stays steady, complications are kept at bay, and healing is quicker when patients receive Reiki as part of their treatment. This has resulted in many trips to the operating room for me, and I can honestly say that no two cases are the same. Surgeries might be called by the same name: “lumpectomy,”, “bilateral mastectomy,” and so on, but the fact is, every life with its circumstances is unique, and every moment is totally different from any other. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Patient Jenny was terrified of having a mastectomy and begged Dr. Feldman for a lumpectomy instead. After viewing all test results and considering carefully, he agreed that he would give her the lumpectomy if the pathology from the OR during surgery held up to support this course of action. The caveat was that under no circumstances would he take a chance that would endanger her life.

Luckily, we had several Reiki sessions beforehand. We concentrated on clearing her lymph nodes of any cancer. Her lymph nodes were of crucial importance and would be the determining factor of what Dr. Feldman would ultimately remove in the OR—either the tumors or her breast.

On the day of surgery, I met Jenny at the hospital very early, since Dr. Feldman wanted me to accompany her to a specific procedure pre-surgery. After checking into pre-op, I went with her to radiology. In between x-rays being taken to identify the exact location of the tumors, I provided Jenny with Reiki during the painful insertion of hollow needles containing wires. These wires would later lead Dr. Feldman to the tumors during the surgery. Reiki rendered this needle-insertion ordeal much easier to bear.

When the operation got underway, as always, I was working next to the anesthesiologist, sending Reiki directly through the top of Jenny’s head. Dr. Feldman removed the tumors along with the lymph nodes, all of which were sent to the lab for immediate evaluation. A cheer went up when the results came back “negative,” and Jenny got to keep her breast.

In another situation, a woman we’ll call Nancy had to have one of her breasts removed due to the size of the cancer therein. In her case, she decided to have a double mastectomy in order to avoid another surgery later on. Dr. Feldman wanted her to have Reiki during surgery, but because her insurance company refused to pay one of her very expensive bills, she didn’t have the money. In her case, her family paid my fees. Nancy had a wonderful support system—her husband and mother came to the hospital with her, and they were so glad that Nancy had me with her through her ordeal. In her case, she had a numbing procedure done just before the actual bi-lateral mastectomy; ports of local anesthetics were inserted into her back so that her pain would be lessened in her recovery after the surgery. This, too, is a painful procedure, and Reiki helps tremendously to withstand it. These decisions and these surgeries are all very scary stuff for a woman to deal with! But the one constant I notice is that when Reiki is being offered, women feel empowered. They know that there is someone present who is concentrating on one thing and one thing only: to flood them with life force at a time when they are most vulnerable. It is comforting for them to know that when they are under anesthesia, someone is there filling them up with the loving power that heals, which is what I know Reiki to be: Love that heals, plain and simple. How can we measure the effects of Love? How can we know the ways in which it is keeping these women safe? We can only observe and acknowledge the comfort that Reiki brings.
New York Columbia Presbyterian is a teaching hospital; every time I am in the OR, there are young doctors being exposed to Reiki for the first time. “What are you doing?” they ask. Their responses are quite funny at times. Once when I replied, “Well, I’m channeling universal life force energy for her healing,” the doctor who asked gave me a look like I was from outer space and said, “What? Are you for real?” I just chuckled as Dr. Feldman said, “Yes, she’s healing the patient even now while we’re doing the surgery.”
Cancer in a woman affects her entire family, and in most cases a large community of friends. To know that a Reiki Master is present in the OR is always a grace for those who love the woman whose life is on an operating table, out of their sight. Her family and friends know that she is not alone in that scary place. To realize that her life itself is being cared for and nurtured by the power of Reiki is a level of “good” for the family that is likewise immeasurable. I’ve received letters from clients afterward, telling me how much they and their families love me, which for me, is the greatest honor and the most rewarding part.

And now here’s something really special I wish to share with you: I was just on a case a few days ago and met Dr. Feldman at 6:30 am in his office to get my scrubs. All the hallways in that part of the hospital were dark—he was the only one already at work. As he fished the scrubs out of the darkened hall closet, I mentioned that I had been wondering about something: “Dr. Feldman, I’ve been curious to know, do you feel the Reiki during surgery? Do you notice a difference when Reiki is in the operating room?” “Oh yes, Raven, I do. I think the whole surgery team feels it, even though they probably don’t realize what it is,” and with that he turned back down the hall to his office, to his endless paperwork and countless e-mails, while I raced back to pre-op to give Reiki to his patient while she awaited her 7:30 am appointment with him in the OR.

There aren’t words enough to express how grateful I am to Dr. Feldman for giving me the opportunity to bring Reiki to women who have their backs up against the wall of breast cancer. Not only does it contribute to their healing, but Reiki also soothes them, brings them confidence in the outcome, allows them to “believe” that all will be well; and because Dr. Feldman has recommended it, his patients see him in a light bordering on the divine. He is also making it possible for other doctors in other fields of medicine to encounter and consider Reiki—like the plastic surgeons who come in right after a mastectomy and the ever-changing teams of anesthesiologists and the OR nurses—it’s just so wonderful that Reiki is spreading into their hearts and minds. I wonder if Dr. Feldman knows how lucky the women and their families consider themselves to be to have a brilliant doctor giving the best, most excellent surgery available on planet earth, while allowing the comfort and loving power of Reiki to be part of their treatment. I suspect he might...

—Raven can be contacted by e-mail at

Saturday, 28 January 2012

U.S. Military Psychic Spy Manual

I got a nice article on a site. With courtesy, thanks and warm regards to:

Remote viewing is a form of "psychoenergetic perception" (i.e. clairvoyance) developed as part of a long-term $20 million research program initiated by U.S. intelligence agencies in the early 1970s. Now known by the codename Stargate, the program was initiated largely in response to the belief that the Soviets were spending large amounts of money on psychic research.

Research into remote viewing began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute, "an independent non-profit research institute that conducts contract research and development for government agencies" (actually, a think tank that has nothing to do with Stanford university).

Led by Harold Puthoff, who had worked for the National Security Agency and was at the time a Scientologist, the research involved training people who were believed to be gifted psychics to use their alleged abilities for psychic warfare.  Among these individuals were the New York artist Ingo Swann, who claimed to have remotely viewed the planet Mercury, and Uri Geller, the psychic spoon-bending fraudster.  

In 1974, Puthoff and his colleague Russel Targ published the results of the experiments they had performed with Geller, in Nature, the most prestigious of scientific journals.The paper was accompanied by an editorial disclaimer, but nevertheless provided impetus for further research and funding (and gave Geller an air of authenticity that undoubtedly helped propel him to international stardom).

By 1985, the Stargate program was in full swing, and there were up to 7 full-time remote viewers, as well as support personnel, in the employ of the CIA. In that year, Puthoff and Swann published the remote viewing manual which was used to train the psychics to produced detailed information about enemy sites at specified geographical co-ordinates. 

Hundreds of intelligence gathering "missions" have been conducted within the Stargate Program, including determining the whereabouts of Muammar Gaddafi, marines kidnapped in Lebanon, and North Korean plutonium. The U.S. military continues to employ psychics: it is reported that psychics were employed to help find Saddam hussein, and that the Department of Homeland Security hopes to adopt Russian "mind-reading" technology to identify terrorists.

Similarly, a classified report released recently under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that the British Ministry of Defence contracted commercial researchers to investigate psychic ability, perhaps so that they could use remote viewing to find Osama bin Laden and locate Iraqi weapons caches.

Targ, R. & Puthoff, H. (1974). Information transmission under conditions of sensory shielding. Nature 251: 602-607.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Psychic Spies and Stargate Project

With courtesy, warm regards and thanks to wikipedia am sharing some knowledge about Psychic Spy and Stargate Project. For More information visit Wikipedia:

nformation in the United States on psychic research in some foreign countries was sketchy and poorly detailed, based mostly on rumor or innuendo from second-hand or tertiary reporting, attributed to both reliable and unreliable disinformation sources from the then Soviet Union.

Despite the dubious origins of much data, the CIA and military intelligence decided they should investigate and know as much about it as possible. Various programs were approved yearly and re-funded accordingly. Reviews were made semi-annually at the Senate and House select committee level. Work results were reviewed, and remote viewing was attempted with the results being kept secret from the "viewer". It was thought that if the viewer was shown they were incorrect it would damage the viewer's confidence and skill. This was standard operating procedure throughout the years of military and domestic remote viewing programs. Feedback to the remote viewer of any kind was rare;they were kept classified and secret.

The Stargate Project
The Stargate Project created a set of protocols designed to make the research of clairvoyance and out-of-body experiences more scientific, and to minimize as much as possible session noise and inaccuracy. The term "remote viewing" emerged as shorthand to describe this more structured approach to clairvoyance. Stargate only received a mission after all other intelligence attempts, methods, or approaches had already been exhausted.

It was also reported that there were over 22 active military and domestic remote viewers providing data. When the project closed in 1995 this number had dwindled down to three. One was using tarot cards. People leaving the project were not replaced. According to Joseph McMoneagle, "The Army never had a truly open attitude toward psychic functioning". Hence, the use of the term "giggle factor"[8] and the saying, "I wouldn't want to be found dead next to a psychic."

As with all intelligence information, intelligence gathered by remote viewing must be verified by other sources. Remote-viewing information could not stand alone. (According to Ray Hyman in the AIR report, if Ed May's[10] conclusions are correct remote viewers were right 20% of the time and wrong 80% of the time.)

In 1995, the project was transferred to the CIA and a retrospective evaluation of the results was done. The CIA contracted the American Institutes for Research for an evaluation. On June 30, before the AIR review was to begin, the CIA closed the Stargate project.[11] An analysis conducted by Professor Jessica Utts showed a statistically significant effect,[12] with gifted subjects scoring 5%-15% above chance, though subject reports included a large amount of irrelevant information, and when reports did seem on target they were vague and general in nature.[13] Ray Hyman argued that Utts' conclusion that ESP had been proven to exist, especially precognition, "is premature and that present findings have yet to be independently replicated."[14] Based upon both of their collected findings, which recommended a higher level of critical research and tighter controls, the CIA terminated the 20 million dollar project, citing a lack of documented evidence that the program had any value to the intelligence community. Time magazine stated in 1995 three full-time psychics were still working on a $500,000-a-year budget out of Fort Meade,Maryland, which would soon close.

Remote Viewing
According to The Ultimate Time Machine by Joseph McMoneagle and Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate America's Psychic Espionage Program by Paul H. Smith, examples of confirmed future targets being sensed by Stargate remote viewers include:
  • The predicted launch date for a newly constructed submarine months before it actually rolled from its construction crib and into the harbor by Joseph McMoneagle. McMoneagle guessed the submarine would be launched about four months later, sometime in the month of January 1980. Satellite photos confirmed this in mid-January 1980 [17] According to Paul H. Smith, McMoneagle predicted several months in the future.
  • The predicted release of a hostage in the Middle East and a correct description of the medical problem precipitating his release. The information was provided three weeks before the hostage takers made their decisions.
  • This conclusion seems to be associated with the following text: "When one of the hostages was released early because of medical conditions and shown the information we [remote-viewers] had accumulated, he was enraged. In his mind, the only way we could possibly had such accurate information, would be to have someone inside the embassy with the hostages..."
  • The information given by Keith Harary,[20][21] at SRI, the Stargate Project, was: "He seems to be suffering from nausea. One side of his body seems damaged or hurt. He will be on an airplane in the next few days." The target turned out to be the hostage Richard Queen, held by Iranian militants and now desperately ill with symptoms including muscle weakness, lack of coordination, difficulty in vision, spasticity, vertigo, facial numbness, tremor, and emotional lability, multiple sclerosis, that affected his nerves on one side. In part due to his input, Harary says he was later informed by contacts at SRI, President Carter dispatched a plane to bring Queen home.[22] There is no reference to a three week prediction. There is no mention of the Iran hostage crisis (November 4, 1979 - January 20, 1981) or this incident in the 1984 book, The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities, by Russell Targ and Keith Harary, which centers around remote viewing experiments and SRI.
  • Upon reading of the May 17, 1987, attack on the frigate the U.S.S. Stark in The Washington PostPaul H. Smith became convinced that his remote viewing, three days earlier, of an attack on an American warship, including the location, the method, and the motive, was precognition.[16] The American Warship "viewing" session was around 30 pages long, including writing and sketching of ships, parts of ships, map-like diagrams, etc.
  • In regards to domestic applications of what would become remote viewing, various field testings in remote viewing were done in the mid-1970s. In a particularly well known serial crime incident, a single lone suspect in question was later captured by law enforcement and put into prison. About twenty years later the convict changed his confession, and verified almost exactly to what was remote viewed by those domestic remote viewer(s). On the eve of reopening this case, the FBI stepped in, and asked that the case be put on hold. This case has been upgraded to Classified, with no indication at this time that it will be reopened.[25][26] This noted case has been published [27] and later suggested by name in the movie Suspect Zero.

    Saturday, 31 December 2011

    How to be a Physic Spy

    Courtesy to this website

    In the 1960s, in response to a leaked KGB video, the CIA spent millions of dollars (the equiv of $75m in modern money) on research into psychic abilities and in particular the principle of remote viewing – the ability to see and describe an object that is hidden from view.

    For the show’s main Event, Derren will perform a unique, national psychic experiment with viewers able to take part via the phone or on In it, he’ll get them to attempt match a covered drawing hung in the Science Museum. At the end of The Event, it will be revealed if the drawing matches the images the nation have drawn, Friday 25th September at 9pm.

    Take part in Derren’s national remote viewing psychic experiment. Simply concentrate on the photos of the covered picture in the Science museum and use the pen and notepad to draw what comes into your mind. Save and submit your picture and then check back after Friday’s show to see if you can remote view! Take part in the experiment here.

    How does reiki work? Some interesting answers from yahoo answers

    Some interesting answers I found on yahoo answers

    How does reiki work ?

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
    Reiki is a practice involving Universal Life Force or Cosmic Energy. The Universal Life Force is a gift from the Universe to all beings. It is given at the moment of conception and stays with you for the rest of your life. You can tap into it at any time.

    A Reiki Practitioner does not give energy to the client but rather facilitates the synchronisation of energy between the client and the Universe. A reiki practitioner caanot suck energy from another person. The worst that can happen to the client from Reiki is to have a rest while being practiced on.

    During and After a Reiki treatment the recipient experiences the following:

    A deep sense of relaxation. (Alpha state brain waves).
    A feel of being connected to the world. (Synchronisation between the alpha state brain waves and the earth’s magnetic field.)
    Lowered blood pressure.
    Increased oxygen content in the blood.

    This state of being stimulates the body’s own healing ability to work towards resolution of the health problem.

    Splash Log
    It doesn't. Heck, Ill wave my hands over your body as long as you pay me...

    Biker for life
    Supposedly by relieving stress. I know a lot of people that practice it and they claim it works.

    It works like a placebo effect. It has no inherent power. It is psuedo-nonsense. It works only because the human mind once convinced of something can have a limited effect on the body. If you convince yourself enough it is working then it may have a slight effect. Personally I think it's rubbish.

    Midwinter Spring… Here is some information.

    To the above answer, I wouldn't be quick to judge and assume something can't work. The power of positive thought has been well documented (just look at the healing powers of placebos). I think there's more to the human brain than we can know. Also, two of my best friends are reiki healers, and they are serious in their desire to help people.

    No matter what the man called it, stealing energy is entirely different than reiki (how it's intended, I mean). It is also possible, I believe.

    Shiva the destroyer
    I'll give you a free distance reiki session if you like. just click on my picture and contact me if you would like a free session and we can talk about it, i wont have computer access for the next few days though... but i promise if you get in touch with me, i will give you a free session, i am attuned qualified and practiced.

    lol and despite what the guy above said - i promise not to steal your energy off you, i already have all the energy i need lol

    Reiki is based on principles of Hipnotism

    here some article How To Learn Reiki…

    Mick St. James
    The story of Reiki, have been shrouded by myth and fable for decades. Much research has been undertaken to discern the true roots of the beautiful Reiki tradition. Reiki is an ever evolving, flexible and creative form of growth, relaxation and development. Practicing Reiki helps create harmony in the body, giving a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

    The Reiki system is not the only factor that determines how the body is attuned to the Reiki energy. The person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the energy as it flows through them.

    What Is Reiki…

    Conversation about Reiki on a site

    I found a nice conversation on a site. Courtesy to I am sharing it with you here

    Active User: Feeling Good
    Does reiki work?
    I was wondering if anyone had tried reiki. I know people who have had it done for pets, which I can understand since we can't ask what's bothering them. It would be nice to think we could find out this way, but is it just charming, wishful thinking.

    Experienced User: Healthy
    Personally I've never tried it, but I'd be willing to do so. I've not seen any scientific reports as to it's effectiveness, but I think it must have relaxation benefits which will help the body to heal itself.

    I would never suggest relying on reiki or any other alternative medicine at the expense of conventional medicine though.

    Active User: Feeling Good
    First of all can you tell me what exactly reiki is? And what part of the bodies is it worked on?

    Experienced User: Healthy
    I've heard coworkers discussing it. I think it involves focusing energy on specific parts of the body to heal or reduce stress.

    Experienced User: Healthy
    Yes, I think it's all to do with directing energy flow. But I know very little about it really.

    I watched someone have an impromptu session when I was out yesterday. Someone came over faint & when they felt well enough someone else gave him a reiki session to 'rebalance' him. It just seemed to involve holding onto his shoulders & looking very serious, though I'm sure there's more to it that I could see!!

    Experienced User: Healthy
    The informal session that I saw involved a person holding their hands over someone's shoulder for example, and seeming to focus energy on that part of the body.
    I think some people claimed they felt heat on their bodies during the session.

    New User: cough cough
    It is an ancient system of energy flow. I am not entirely familiar with it I read a few articles on it. In a way, it is similar to chi ung power

    Active User: Feeling Good
    I have heard that it is useful in diagnosis and in providing comfort, but there seems to be less evdience for its ability to heal.

    New User: cough cough
    Penn and Teller covered it in a few segments they have done on the new age and alternative therapies....Their show is called "Bullsh*t" that gives you some idea of how it turned out.

    Active User: Feeling Good
    I dont know about rieki but there is scientific evidence that patients who can maintain a positive state of mind heal fster and also advance faster in rehabilitation. Ex: A person who suffers a leg injury who has a positive state of mind will advance faster in rehabilitaion that one with a negative state of mind so perhaps reiki helps to put one in this state.

    New User: cough cough
    Hi everyone,

    It is so good to hear everyone comments and where they are coming from.
    I agree if you are using conventional medicine you need to continue using it, neither does reiki replace conventional medicine. It is complementary to it.

    Reiki is using the universal energy or ki or chi in chinese medicine. This energy is all around us, what a reiki practitioner does is bring through the reiki energy and allow it to be used on the client, by placing their hands on or above the client.

    This activates the clients own chi or ki energy , helping the body to heal and assisting in removing energy blockages

    Reiki is great with children, animals plants,adults I use it on myself and my cats daily.

    New User: cough cough
    I just posted about this in "chi" under Chinese Med. forum.
    I had a truly amazing experience. Without the practitioner touching me, I had a sense of turbulence around my head & where the "third eye" is located an intense sensation of sensitivity that seemed to encompass both pleasure & pain.

    I'm a highly skeptical person & didn't expect squat. And I don't think there was any hypnotic suggestion, unless the person hypnotized me into forgetting that they made such a suggestion!

    The practitioner explained after that the turbulent sensation showed that my polarities were unbalanced, and the forehead sensation was my "third eye" chakra trying to open ( and I had a milder sense of this third eye opening at odd times for a week or two).

    It's made me open to the idea that chi/ki/prana/life force is for real if not scientifically proven (yet!)

    New User: cough cough
    I have been a Reiki teacher/practitioner for the past 11 years. I have seen people come out of comas (in IC units in hospitals), I've seen healings of bone fractures sped up by e weeks-through a body cast, I've seen cancer go into remission, Reiki is great for the healing of emotions and hurtful memories especially with people who have experienced physical or sexual abuse, and I could go on. Reiki is energy healing and spiritual development of one's personal gifts. It works because the energy of the divine is in union with a person's personal energy to affect healing and development.

    Fortunately there are clinical studies occurring all over the world in hospitals and health centers with Reiki in different areas of health care - do a google search of Reiki and clinical studies and you will be amazed at what comes up. There is a whole school in Japan which, from its inception, has devoted itself to documenting all cases of people who have received treatment from the school's students, in order to make itself credible to the medical community.

    Reiki works because it asserts what ancient civilizations knew all along, we are more than our physical bodies.

    New User: cough cough

    Hi! I've been an avid Reiki enthusiast, practitioner, and teacher for more than 17 years! I'm a mother and grandmother. I've raised my children and grandchildren using Reiki first whenever issues or problems arise. REIKI WORKS! My only suggestion here would be, if you don't know whether or not Reiki works, GIVE IT A TRY! There are many, many practitioners who eagerly give free introductory treatments, as well as many who give attunements for free just so they have a live person to practice on! There are many blogs on the web: Mine is at chicreation.wordpress.comPlease copy and paste into your browser if interested, as there is no option to add a link here. If mine doesn't suit your tastes, please browse the internet until you find a Reiki blogger you enjoy! Don't take anyone's word for this! Find out for yourself.  Molly

    New User: cough cough
    Reiki is a technique to eliminate stress and disease from its roots using life force energy. You can read more about its facts from a reliable source at:

    Reiki Master/Teacher
    Multihealing center

    New User: cough cough
    Hey, I have been practicing Reiki for the last 10 years or so and I do believes in its powers. I have experienced spiritual healing on the physical body first hand. Till date, I believe in Reiki and I find it useful to beat the daily stress that all of us suffer today.