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How does reiki work? Some interesting answers from yahoo answers

Some interesting answers I found on yahoo answers

How does reiki work ?

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Reiki is a practice involving Universal Life Force or Cosmic Energy. The Universal Life Force is a gift from the Universe to all beings. It is given at the moment of conception and stays with you for the rest of your life. You can tap into it at any time.

A Reiki Practitioner does not give energy to the client but rather facilitates the synchronisation of energy between the client and the Universe. A reiki practitioner caanot suck energy from another person. The worst that can happen to the client from Reiki is to have a rest while being practiced on.

During and After a Reiki treatment the recipient experiences the following:

A deep sense of relaxation. (Alpha state brain waves).
A feel of being connected to the world. (Synchronisation between the alpha state brain waves and the earth’s magnetic field.)
Lowered blood pressure.
Increased oxygen content in the blood.

This state of being stimulates the body’s own healing ability to work towards resolution of the health problem.

Splash Log
It doesn't. Heck, Ill wave my hands over your body as long as you pay me...

Biker for life
Supposedly by relieving stress. I know a lot of people that practice it and they claim it works.

It works like a placebo effect. It has no inherent power. It is psuedo-nonsense. It works only because the human mind once convinced of something can have a limited effect on the body. If you convince yourself enough it is working then it may have a slight effect. Personally I think it's rubbish.

Midwinter Spring… Here is some information.

To the above answer, I wouldn't be quick to judge and assume something can't work. The power of positive thought has been well documented (just look at the healing powers of placebos). I think there's more to the human brain than we can know. Also, two of my best friends are reiki healers, and they are serious in their desire to help people.

No matter what the man called it, stealing energy is entirely different than reiki (how it's intended, I mean). It is also possible, I believe.

Shiva the destroyer
I'll give you a free distance reiki session if you like. just click on my picture and contact me if you would like a free session and we can talk about it, i wont have computer access for the next few days though... but i promise if you get in touch with me, i will give you a free session, i am attuned qualified and practiced.

lol and despite what the guy above said - i promise not to steal your energy off you, i already have all the energy i need lol

Reiki is based on principles of Hipnotism

here some article How To Learn Reiki…

Mick St. James
The story of Reiki, have been shrouded by myth and fable for decades. Much research has been undertaken to discern the true roots of the beautiful Reiki tradition. Reiki is an ever evolving, flexible and creative form of growth, relaxation and development. Practicing Reiki helps create harmony in the body, giving a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

The Reiki system is not the only factor that determines how the body is attuned to the Reiki energy. The person giving a Reiki treatment also receives the healing effect of the energy as it flows through them.

What Is Reiki…

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