Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reiki helps a special child, become a normal child

Hi ! My baby 'Aahana' is five years now. On 3rd day when she born we came to know that she is a 'special child' and she won't be able to even sit on her own all of her life. We were completely shocked and broken on that day. However, we took this as a challenge and decided that the man who told us all these things is just a doctor not a god and we started our fight against her illness. No doctor all over India was able to diagnose her problem. We continued her random treatment and therapies then about a year back, I met "Guruji & Guruma" and became a Reiki Channel and started giving Teiki to my daughter. By the grace of God and Guruji & Guruka's, blessings she has started walking and speaking. Now she has a good IQ level and has recently got admission in one of the reputed school of South Delhi. I don not have words to express my gratitude for Guruji-Guruma and the power of Reiki.

Sandeep Kumar Sansanwal
New Delhi.
Mob: +91 9717 *** *05)

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